Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy


DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC Equality and Diversity Policy helps to promote social inclusion, service improvement, employment opportunities, and equal opportunity and promotes the concepts of diversity.

We will be accountable for promoting equality of opportunity and respect for the diversity of everyone in relation to the services we provide, our employment practices and arrangements we enter into with our partners. We are committed to eliminating discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, caring responsibilities, gender re-assignment, age, social class, religion and belief. We will regularly review all our policies, procedures and activities to see how more people can access our services opportunities. Our policy spells out the responsibilities of trustees, members, volunteers and employees. In addition we will develop a DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC Equality and Diversity Action Plan to translate policy into clear actions designed to bring real benefits to West Sussex communities. Commitment to Equality and diversity are central to the work of the DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC. We will treat all people with dignity and respect, valuing the diversity of all. We will promote equality of opportunity and diversity. We will eliminate all forms of discrimination in service delivery, employment, and in working with our partners. We are committed to tackle social exclusion, disadvantage and all forms of inequality and discrimination.

Aims We aim to:

Provide services that are accessible according to need. Promote equality of opportunity and diversity in employment and development with our clients and partners. Create effective partnerships with all parts of our community.


Our objective is to realise the DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC equality standard by: Sustaining, regularly evaluating and continually improving DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC services to ensure equality and diversity principles and best practice are embedded in our performance to meet the needs of individuals and groups. Working together with our community to provide accessible and relevant service provision that responds to our service users' needs. Ensuring our workforce is representative of the community we serve and our employment policies are fair and robust. Recognising and valuing the differences and individual contributions that people make to society. Challenge discrimination. Providing fair resource allocation and accountability.

Service Delivery, Partnerships and Community Engagement.

We will review 'DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC services to make sure they meet different needs of individuals and different sectors of the community. We will consult with the wider community to understand service needs. We will monitor and analyse services to ensure they are free from all forms of discrimination. We are committed to providing information and services that are accessible to all who need them. We will publish the results of consultation and monitoring and make it accessible to the public.

We will listen to the views of people and encourage them to participate in the life of the community. We are committed to working in partnerships with different voluntary community and statutory sector organisations to ensure access to public services for all. We will work together to provide an environment free from discrimination or harassment and respect different cultures and lifestyles that support such an environment.
In engaging with others outside DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC through partnerships, community engagement or contractual arrangements, we will influence these third parties to adopt and use our Equality and Diversity Policy to guide their service delivery, employment policy and practices.


We acknowledge that people have the right to complain about either the service they have received from us, or their experience in the workplace. We have complaints, grievance procedures together with procedures for harassment and bullying for those who feel they face discrimination through our service delivery or in the workplace. We take all complaints seriously. DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC will take appropriate action to ensure any matter brought to our attention is dealt with appropriately. Anyone found to be in breach of this policy may be liable to proportionate disciplinary action which may include dismissal.
Language We will respect difference and recognise that prejudice and discrimination can be reinforced by the use of inappropriate language. We will not tolerate making fun of, labelling or patronising people through the language we use or the accent or dialect they have. We will strive to provide services through language that is clear, inclusive and accessible and where necessary and possible we will provide an interpreting service.

If you believe that you have been a victim of harassment, bullying or verbal Offenses to you or to any family member, neighbor, or person that is closely connected to you! Please, fill out and submit the form complaint... Your message will be treated with confidentiality and due respect.

Appendix 1

DIVERSE BRIDGE CIC response we recognise and appreciate the diversity of our community and we strive to work closely with representatives to provide services that are accessible and that meet the different needs of our community. We recognise and value the differences and individual contributions that people make to the organisation. We strive to ensure that diversity as well as equality is embedded in all our policies, procedures and practices and representations, responding to our stakeholders needs and encouraging employee development to increase their contribution to an effective Service delivery.


Diverse Bridge | CIC - 21 of April of 2019