Employers & Employees

Employers & Employees


Creating a collaborative environment where service delivery thrives under common purpose. Equality and Diversity in the Workplace is an important facet to address imbalances which often causes conflict poor retention of staff.

Key service provision to companies and institutions: Equip organisations with current and workable models of management that incorporate equality and anti-discriminatory practices and promote merit as a valued asset. Encourage collaboration in the workplace to further the functions and services of the organisation. Address issues around harassment and bullying. Focus management to reduce stress related absenteeism. Co-create a working culture that can be the mainstay of the organisation for better outcomes. Introduce modern systems of management that better suit organisations, such as the flatter management structure (Culture) adopted widely across multinational industries.

Help workers undergoing stress that is related to working conditions to address their situations through mediation, negotiation or through a complaints process.

To help mediate in disputes between an employer and an employee.

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