About us

Who We Are

Diverse Bridge was Founded in 2019 is located in Worthing in West Sussex county.

We work alongside community services needs and how to best deliver them.
We strive To carry out research into community services needs and how to best deliver them. We will advocate for equality of provision, train around equality and cultural competence, promote cohesion and tolerance.
Having a voice in the decision making process with access to training and an understanding of the processes.
Provide advocacy and representation to fairly access services and goods for people across West Sussex.

"An advocate will not be judgemental, and will not try to guide or influence the people they work with by telling them what the advocate thinks is in their best interest - advocacy is about enabling people to speak up and make their own, informed, independent choices. We will advocate for equality of provision, train around equality and cultural competence, promote cohesion and tolerance."

Mission Vision and Values


A united Community in which each individual is able to realize his full potential. A more just, competitive and democratic community where people travel, work, do business, invest, learn from each other, buy, sell, collaborate and unite. A self-confident community that recognizes its unique history and heritage and upholds its lifestyle. A strong community that is poised to beat its weight globally.


Work for the benefit of all to build a more ambitious and self-assured community where everyone has equal opportunities for success; defending a united society that respects the subsidiarity, without contradiction between the national and local identities.
Put people at the center of the social project, strengthening equality and accountability of institutions; defend the British way of life, defending a united country based on the values of human dignity, freedom, solidarity, respect for human rights and the rule of law.


We value human dignity, freedom and responsibility, equality and justice, solidarity and subsidiarity.
We defend representative democracy, the separation of powers, human rights and the rule of law, standing against any form of totalitarianism, from any ideological background.
We stand for a fair society that provides equal opportunities and protects the legitimate interests of future generations. We stand for a Social Market Economy based on freedom, responsibility and fairness, that promotes private enterprise, embraces economic prosperity and leaves no one behind.
We believe in the responsible management of social resources, which provides justified needs and improves the living conditions of all, guaranteeing the sustainable development of a more just and appropriate community, thus guaranteeing future generations. We encourage social union, new technologies, research and innovation to improve our quality of life.


  • 2019 - Community Interest Company CIC Number: 11960597
  • 2019 - The Office at, 31 Chatsworth Road, Worthing
  • Map - Street View: Click here...
  • GPS - Coordinates: 50°48'47.2"N 0°22'05.6"W

We are currently registered at this address from which you can contact us.
Address: The Mill Building, 31 Chatsworth Road, Worthing, BN11 1LY - West Sussex

Located at the heart of Worthing town centre this building is easily accessed from Shoreham to Littlehampton. It is 10-minute walk from Worthing train station and only five minutes from the bus station. Over 60% of homes in Worthing are within a 20-minute walk. This building has been renovated in June 2016 and is within easy reach of bars, restaurants, supermarkets with a cafe/restaurant onsite. Car parking is available on request over the road from the office.