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  • WOW - Worthing Observation Wheel, July 2019
    WOW - Worthing Observation Wheel, July 2019

Diverse Bridge is about equality

We work alongside community services needs and how to best deliver them. We strive To carry out research into community services needs and how to best deliver them. We will advocate for equality of provision, train around equality and cultural competence, promote cohesion and tolerance.
Having a voice in the decision making process with access to training and an understanding of the processes.
Provide advocacy and representation to fairly access services and goods for people across West Sussex.

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Just a Line angle

Freedom and Equality

Are foundational values that we draw upon when envisioning a better society. Equality of opportunity is a social ideal that combines concern with freedom and equality, and this social ideal provides a vision of how we ought to live together.
Arguing about equality of opportunity is really an argument about how best to understand the kind of society we should be striving for, one where free and equal persons live together. Although other ideals may also be worth striving for, equality of opportunity offers important guidance and a standpoint for criticism of contemporary societies, their politicians and our own personal conduct [...]

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Creating a collaborative environment where service delivery thrives under common purpose[...]

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Social exclusion


Social exclusion is a short-hand term for what can happen when people or areas have a combination of linked problems[...]

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Personal supporte


During the course of our lives, we are all presented with one or the other challenging situation[...]

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Internet & Computing


There are still many people who have never switched on a computer and are only vaguely aware of the internet and its uses[...]

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Object Journeys

Empowering collections

The Object Journeys team standing in front of the Aso-Oke exhibition. The Object Journeys is a Heritage Lottery Fund funded project run by the British Museum and Brighton and Hove Museums.

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What keeps us busy!

Marvellous Delights

The Object Journeys

Brighton Musem

The magnificent displays at the Brighton Museum under Object Journeys Project named "Aso-Oke" and "Townships Journey", Marvellous delights await you[...]

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Culture and Society

Culture And Society

Diverse Bridge

To the uneducated man, culture and society might seem as the same thing. Even though they are connected and intertwined, they are hardly the same thing[...]

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Internet & Computing for Adults

Computer basics for adults

Diverse Bridge

For adults who lack familiarity with computers, life in the modern age can be a challenge. That’s because technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives[...]

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